Smile Designer Pro

Smile Makeover Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast

A collaborative and comprehensive approach to smile makeover treatment

Smile Designer Pro, as the name suggests is a complete solution lead by prosthodontic specialist Dr Darryl Beresford, a board registered prosthodontist.

Some cosmetic dentistry may require minimal intervention with zoom whitening or composite resin enamel edge bonding while others may be complex requiring specialist knowledge.

The advantages of Smile Designer Pro is that patients can sit with a general and cosmetic dentist, prosthodontist and a dental technician at the same time in the same room to diagnose and design their ideal smile. All three can combine providing input into the design process to optimize outcomes with the objective of achieving an aesthetic, healthy, long lasting and comfortable smile.

Rarely do you have access to a team of dental professionals who will sit and discuss any concerns you might have, whilst simultaneously creating a tailored treatment plan to effectively meet your treatment goals. You, as the patient will be a ‘co-designer’ in the process.

All members of the team that have a hand in creating your smile will meet with you face to face, helping them to understand your individual desires and allowing the creation of a more personalized treatment plan for you.

Smile Designer Pro allows patients to receive a number of dental treatments simultaneously or in close succession. With a prosthodontist and dental technician under one roof, restorations can be completed quickly and precisely. In turn, this means convenience and comfort for patients.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry

General and cosmetic treatments by Dr Francesca Beresford at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros helps patients achieve healthy smiles that are aesthetically appealing. Dr Francesca Beresford has a keen eye for cosmetic dentistry and dental aesthetics. She has a special interest in the promotion of oral health, composite resin restorations, Zoom whitening and CEREC restorations along with facial inject ables for peri-oral rejuvenation.

The type of general and cosmetic treatments you receive may depend on the condition of your teeth and the specific concerns you have. You will sit and discuss each option with our team of Smile Pros and may be given the option of a few different treatments to achieve a satisfactory outcome, depending on the area of concern. The Smile Pros team work closely together providing cosmetic treatment, designing restorations and implant placement along with prosthetic reconstruction when required.

Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry

Dr Darryl Beresford is a board registered prosthodontist who has been restoring teeth and creating beautiful smiles for over 20 years. Whether it be the restoration of existing teeth or creating a new smile with dental prosthesis, choosing prosthodontic or implant treatment with Dr Darryl Beresford as part of your Smile Designer Pro plan can help to create healthy and beautiful teeth for life! With a prosthodontist and dental technician under one roof, restorations can be completed quickly and precisely.

Analogue and Digital Smile Design

Working in conjunction with Dr Darryl and Dr Francesca Beresford, The Smile Pros’ dental technicians, Doug and Harumi use state-of-the-art digital design, digital scanning and digital manufacturing technology combined with handmade customisation to create a dental prosthetic that is ideal for you, the patient, in an efficient manner.

At your first consultation, we will often take impressions of your teeth. Digital smile design is an aid to treatment planning and prosthesis design allowing you to see how your smile will look before actually completing the treatment. You will be a ‘co-designer’ in the process. The final shape is pre-planned and digitally designed for your approval. Digital manufacturing allows the virtual design to be copied and hand finished prior to insertion.

This ideal digital smile however may not be within the range of biologic compatibility with oral health, hygiene, speech and long term function. Additionally this digital view is only a stationary two dimensional image of a complex dynamic 3 dimensional structure. Often we will do a “trial smile” with a provisional restoration, a prototype for validation or alteration prior to completion.

With veneers careful design, preplanning and minimal preparation of teeth is the key to long term success. The teeth are minimally prepared to the chosen pre-planned design. Our in house dental laboratory will manufacture the ceramic veneers within 48 hours. Most milling and manufacturing is undertaken in-house, allowing priority allocation when required.

With dental implants precision of implant placement and fit of implant prosthetics are an important determinant of long term survival.

digital smile design


Analogue wax up followed by digital design, scanning and duplication for 4 porcelain veneers and 2 implant crowns and finally hand customised.

Smile Makeover Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast


Full arch implant supported with digital smile design with prototype for validation or alteration prior to completion.

Smile Makeover Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast

Treating all your dental concerns under one roof

At Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros we are proud to be able to offer patients a comprehensive selection of treatments all under one roof.

The Smile Pros are highly qualified to treat a wide range of concerns; however we do still refer to other dental specialists and seek the assistance of external dental milling centers to manufacture complex metallic prostheses. In cases where patients require the services of a specialist in a specific area such as a periodontist for gum treatment or an orthodontist for complex cases of jaw misalignment, we work in partnership with these specialists.

If you would like to learn more about Smile Designer Pro, or to request an appointment, contact us today.