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Prepare for your big day with a picture perfect smile at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros

Many people consider their wedding day as the most important day of their life. You’re the centre of attention and you’ll be posing for hundreds of photos, so why not have a picture perfect smile?

We understand how important it is for you to be looking your absolute best on your wedding day. It’s a day that you’re surrounded by family and friends; all you should be focused on is having a great time and creating lasting memories, not the way you look when you smile!

Dr Francesca Beresford and the team at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros offer a range of cosmetic and restorative treatments to help you achieve a beautiful smile in time for your wedding day.

What areas can you improve?

Depending on the timeframe and the severity of the case, we offer a number of different solutions.

Tooth discolouration – Tooth discolouration can be a common issue that leaves many people feeling self-conscious when they smile. It can be a simple fix and depending on the specific case, can be treated in just one visit to Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros. Tooth discolouration may occur due to a number of reasons, including staining from food and beverages, previous trauma, deterioration of enamel due to disease or decay, and various other reasons.

Chipped tooth – Chipped teeth can be both irritating and visually unappealing. Often when a chipped tooth isn’t causing any pain, patients might decide that they don’t need it to be fixed right away. Often, choosing not to have a chipped tooth repaired can lead to further tooth deterioration and the development of more severe problems. Not only is it a great idea to have a chipped tooth restored for your wedding day, but it can also have oral health benefits too.

Crooked and misaligned teeth – Many adult patients see us to correct minor issues related to crooked and misaligned teeth. Whether they weren’t corrected as a child or they have only manifested as an adult, straightening your teeth before your wedding day can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Missing teeth – Missing a tooth in an area of the mouth that is visible can cause concern, especially before your wedding day. We offer a number of solutions to replace missing teeth to restore both the form and function of your smile.

Gapped teeth – Gapped teeth is a common concern and can be a simple fix. Although many people find that a gap between their teeth isn’t a cause for concern, sometimes it can make people uncomfortable when smiling and laughing. To ensure that you’re comfortable and feeling your best on your big day, we offer a range of cosmetic options to help amend issues to do with gapped teeth.

Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros wedding smile makeover

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so why not look your best? Combine one or more of our cosmetic dental treatments as part of a wedding smile makeover package today!

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