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What is Dental Implant Pro?

Dental implant Pro, as the name suggests is a complete dental implant solution lead by prosthodontic specialist Dr Darryl Beresford, a board registered prosthodontist assisted by the latest in high technology.

Dental implants have been used to support missing teeth for over 50 years. The first cases were treated with a specialised team, an oral surgeon and prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is a specialist in tooth replacement with dental implants.

In these early days there was only one brand of implant and little in the way of scientific knowledge. Today there are 300 brands of dental implants worldwide and 43,000 peer reviewed scientific articles.  Some dental implants may require minimal intervention, while others may be complex requiring specialist knowledge of complex restorations and implant surgery.

There are several factors that influence implant success, but two important factors that are under control of the dentist are the choice of implant and its precise 3D position along with the design and quality of the implant restoration. A poor restoration can diminish the aesthetics, health, durability and comfort of the implant supported smile.

Here at The Smile Pros we have state-of-the-art technology, including a Morita 3D CBCT scanner, Trios Intra-oral scanner and 3Shape Implant studio software and a rapid 3D printer.  When combined these allow creation of a detailed image of the teeth and supporting structures for accurate implant planning and placement using custom surgical guides that are manufactured in house, to allow the most precise placement of the implant to support the designed tooth.

Dental Implants Introduction

The Dental Implant Pro Process

The process begins with an in-depth examination of the area to be treated. We take photographs, a complete digital intraoral scan and 3dimensional radiography. This data is then compiled into 3shape Smile Design and Implant Studio software.

Once the examination process is complete we create a surgical guide for patients to optimise implant position during placement. Same day teeth are often possible immediately after insertion of the implant.

For single teeth, scan bodies are attached to the implant after implant placement and a digital scan instead of a physical impression provides an exact image of the implant position. Our technology allows us to then create a customised crown specifically designed for you, made entirely right here in our on-site dental lab.

We accept referrals from general dentists here at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros or another general dental practice, for dental implant placement.  When referred, the Dental Implant Pro process involves both your general dentist and Dr Darryl Beresford. Once the crown has been manufactured, it can then be handed back over to your general dentist to complete the procedure. The general dentist will then fit the customised crown to the implant completing the treatment.

Dental Implant Process of Planning

What are the advantages of Dental Implant Pro?

We have state-of-the-art technology and equipment here at The Smile Pros, combined with specialised knowledge that allow us to plan the implant position and manufacture each patient’s individualised crown in our laboratory.

This process allows your general dentist and a specialist prosthodontist to work together to optimise outcomes with the objective of achieving an aesthetic, healthy, long lasting and comfortable smile.

Dr Darryl Beresford at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros has been placing and restoring dental implants to create beautiful smiles for over 20 years. Choosing prosthodontic or implant treatment with Dr Darryl Beresford as part of your Dental Implant Pro plan can help to create healthy and beautiful teeth for life!

Dental Implant Process of Placement

Who Should Perform My Dental Implant Procedure

Dr Darryl Beresford is accepting referrals from general dentists. If you’d like to refer a patient, please click here to fill out our referral form.

If you would like to learn more about Dental Implant Pro, or to request an appointment, contact us today.

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