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When it comes to your oral health, there is no substitute for quality!

Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros is truly a unique practice, offering a range of specialist prosthodontics and implant dentistry treatments by Dr Darryl Beresford, as well as cosmetic and general treatments by Dr Francesca Beresford. This combination allows our team to expertly diagnose and treat a wide range of dental concerns, under one roof. Our state-of-the-art practice is fitted with the latest modern dental technologies to ensure our patients achieve an optimal treatment outcome.

Dr Darryl Beresford also works in collaboration with a select group of other general dentists and specialists on referral for some complex prosthodontic care.

Dr Darryl Beresford

As an undergraduate, Dr Darryl Beresford received both Science and Dental degrees from the University of Queensland. He then continued his postgraduate studies with a Graduate Diploma in Oral Implants at the University of Sydney, Master in Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics from King’s College London and a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics for specialist registration undertaken at the University of Sydney. Dr Beresford holds a Membership in Prosthodontics of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons, which was awarded by examination.

Dr Darryl Beresford now has over 20 years experience – placing and restoring over 5000 dental implants! This extensive specialist knowledge and experience sets Dr Beresford and the team at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros apart from general dental practices.

Dr Francesca Beresford

Dr Francesca Beresford has a special interest in the maintenance of oral health and a keen eye for cosmetic dentistry and dental aesthetics.

Although Dr Francesca does not practice prosthodontics she has attended numerous implant and prosthodontic courses with Darryl over the years and with her special interest in composite resin, Zoom whitening and CEREC restorations along with facial injectables allows Francesca to be knowledgeable and actively involved in the treatment planning of complex and aesthetic cases. Her attention to detail and vast experience are what set her apart.

The practice has been at the forefront in introducing several new technologies into dental practices in Australia. These include the first BIOLASE Waterlase (dental laser) in 1998, Global operating microscopes in 1999, platelet rich plasma unit for bone grafting in 2001 and 3 dimensional Cone Beam X-ray in Australia in 2003. We were also early adopters of CEREC (now having the latest Omnicam) and among the first group trained in piezo surgery in Australia in 2004 and much more.

These have been upgraded to the current models and with the laser and CEREC machines we are now on our third units. High technology is not a new experience at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros.

Technology | The Smile Pros

The Waterlase system is unique in that it can completely remove old ceramic restorations without pain or further damage to the surface of the tooth in the process, making veneer removal much quicker and safer than conventional removal methods. Soft tissue surgeries such as crown lengthening and removal of frenum are minimally invasive with rapid healing.

Our sterilisation system has been further upgraded (now with 4 autoclaves) to ensure infection control, and are of the highest standard for our patients’ health and safety. With this, our practice is also fitted with the Swiss made, AIRFLOW prophylaxis master oral hygiene system. This allows regular dental cleaning visits to be fast, efficient and more comfortable for our patients.

Our practice includes an in-house, fully equipped high technology digital dental laboratory with two very experienced dental technicians, Doug and Harumi. Our in-house laboratory creates custom-made prosthetics for digital smile design, porcelain works for crowns and bridges, and acrylic removable prosthesis. An in-house dental laboratory provides a number of advantages to you, the patient. Dr Beresford can work directly with the dental technician to ensure meticulous quality control measures are met, meaning that there will be less visits required to fit the prosthesis comfortably and effectively. In turn, this creates faster treatment duration, meaning you can regain the form and function of your smile in a shorter period of time.

By using the latest technologies not only can we ensure the very best outcome for patients, but it allows for greater patient comfort.

Technology | The Smile Pros

The expert team of Dr Darryl Beresford, Dr Farncesca Beresford and their team of Smile Pros work closely together to provide the highest level of expertise and offer the right advice. This translates into amazing results for our patients and ensures that no area of concern is left untreated.

We truly believe in a collaborative approach to dental care. Our team of Smile Pros, including prosthodontist, dentists, dental assistants, management and admin, along with our trusted network of referred general dentists and specialists all work together to provide a positive treatment outcome in the comfort of our modern, purpose-built practice.

Having a fully equipped high technology dental laboratory on-site means that our dental team can work closely with Doug and Harumi, our two experienced dental technicians to create high quality, custom-made prosthetics.

Our mission at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros is to provide the very best standard of care for each and every one of our patients. The Smile Pros standard of care is a specialist standard of care, meaning that you are treated by highly experienced dentists and dental specialists, along with a friendly and professional team.

We have invested in providing the very best modern technology in a comfortable and convenient practice. This is complemented by our collaborative approach to dental care, making us a cut above the rest when it comes to creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Whether you would like to book in for a regular check-up and clean or require extensive restorative treatment, contact the experienced team at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros today!

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