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Dental implants are an effective solution for restoring oral form and function

Due to advancements in modern dental treatments and techniques, dentures are no longer the only way to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants not only offer a tooth restoration that is natural in appearance, they also offer complete function and comfort.

Why replace a missing tooth?

Dental Implants are a popular treatment option to replace missing teeth. The loss or damage of even a single tooth can have a considerable impact on a person’s everyday life and self-esteem. It can change one’s entire personality. Many people with dental problems avoid smiling and going out, causing them to appear less social, or unhappy.

Use of a dental implant to replace a single tooth can help protect the adjacent teeth by avoiding grinding the neighboring teeth to support a bridge or the inconvenience of a removable partial denture.

Missing several teeth can affect nutrition and well-being, as the types of food that can be consumed is often limited, hence resulting in deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients. For example, denture wearers often find it difficult to eat nuts, seeds and crunchy raw vegetables. Wearing a denture to replace missing teeth causes the bone to gradually break down as the bone resorbs under pressure of the denture. This may give patients a sunken face or “the witches look.”

Unlike conventional dentures, dental implant supported restorations have the implants to act as permanent pillars and eliminate problems of poor fit, gum irritation, pressure points and compression of entrapped food between the denture and soft tissue during chewing.

What is a dental implant?

The implant itself acts as an anchor or root to support the replacement tooth. Dental implants are made from a durable, bio-compatible titanium material that is designed to fuse with the jawbone. In appearance, a dental implant looks just like a small screw with a natural looking crown fitted to the visible area of the implant. Once the implant is inserted, the mouth heals in a process known as osseointegration where the implant and jawbone fuse to one another, making the implant a permanent fixture. An attachment called an abutment is fitted to the implant, which will hold the crown in place.

Dental Implant treatment | The Smile Pros
2 single teeth lost due to trauma. Treatment included 2 implants, 2 zirconia abutments and single crowns

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants aid in reducing a number of inconveniences many people experience with dentures. Implants reduce irritation and oral sores and do not require the need for messy denture adhesives.

Dental implants can look and feel just like your natural teeth. As it is a permanent fixture, many people forget that they even have a dental implant. Due to this, cleaning and maintenance is easy.

Other benefits of dental implants include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – they look like real teeth.
  • Functional – they act and feel like real teeth.
  • Beneficial to your diet – you can eat and chew again without pain or irritation. Foods that were previously forbidden can now be back in the diet!
  • Eliminate distasteful adhesives – There is no longer a need to use “glue” when your prosthesis is anchored to implants.
  • Enjoy your favourite foods – Implants can actually allow for the improved enjoyment of the textures and flavours of your favourite foods. With less plastic covering the roof of your mouth, you can enjoy natural flavours and sensations again.
  • Maintain facial structure – Implants can help maintain and support your facial tissues. They can reduce bone atrophy, which causes “shrinkage” or facial cosmetic changes.

Implants with Porcelain Veneers and Composite Resin

Before and after 2 implants to replace deciduous canine teeth, 4 porcelain veneers and composite resin on back teeth


Prosthodontic and Implant Dentistry

Failed previous crown and bridge work, missing teeth with poor aesthetics
Zoom, 2 crowns on teeth 11 and 16, 2 veneers and 2 implant-supported crowns


Both arches implants

Dental Implants | The Smile Pros
All on 6 in the upper Jaw (in the maxilla). All on 3 or all on 4 in the lower jaw- (mandible).


Lower arch implant | The Smile Pros
Lower arch- all on four implant supported restoration

Dental implants at Beresford Dental – The Smile Pros in Mermaid Waters

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